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Our Story

While the food industry was new to both of them, Kent and Cindy Greaver were not new to business ownership.  Pulling from their diverse backgrounds – executive and legal secretarial positions for Cindy and their family-owned business of servicing chemical chemistry analyzers in the wine industry and medical labs, they eagerly (and somewhat naively) accepted the challenge of a new business creating a Temecula artisan food product. 

Were there hiccups? Of course. Their first co-packer went out of business overnight, leaving them without product for their weekly farmer’s markets, and they unwisely invested in glittery marketing campaigns in the beginning, leaving them in some debt before they settled into a business plan that worked, dividing up the responsibilities between them to realize their vision. 

Kent has taken over the fulfillment (shipping and delivery) side of the business and is always coming up with innovative ideas for more efficient packaging and processes. Cindy keeps the books, inventory and enjoys the more creative side of the business.  They both love to meet their customers, chatting with them not only about their jellies, but sharing life experiences and getting to know them.

When they get a minute outside of the business, they relish time with their grands, traveling and supporting local eateries.  Cindy will be teaching her granddaughter piano this year and loves gardening and her TRX workouts.  Kent, an amateur radio operator, may be found with his handheld radio most days or thumbing through muscle car magazines, dreaming…

A Cause We Love

Seeds of Hope

Mr. G and I believe that Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jellies is a business opportunity which has been given to us as a gift. As such, we want to be good stewards of it and operate with integrity and generosity. At Mrs. G’s, we are dedicated to giving back to our community not only in a portion of our profits, but in our time as well.

Mission:  The mission of Seeds of Hope is to restore communities and prevent young people from drug and alcohol addiction, gang violence, sex trafficking/exploitation, child labor, dropping out of school, and other detrimental repercussions of living in poverty. It is also to equip them with life skills that they can use to become fruitful adults in the culture that they live in. [Read more on the Seeds of Hope website]

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they hot?
Spiciness is subjective, so this is tough. Our goal is to make them spicy enough to get your attention, but not to overpower the flavors of the jellies. The three habanero jellies are a little spicier than the Jalapeno Garlic Lime with no habaneros. Try them and let us know what you think!
Are they homemade?
Production that started in our home kitchen supplied by our garden changed when we began selling to the public. The FDA regulates jelly made with fresh peppers (a low-acid product), so we must make them in a facility with a canning license with certification from the Health Department for our customers’ safety.
Where are the jellies made?
We contract with a fourth-generation local Southern California co-packer to produce them. We worked carefully with a food technologist to modify Mrs. G’s recipes to make them in larger quantities but still retain the homemade batch quality and taste.
What do you do with it?
Everything! Grilling glazes, charcuterie boards, sandwich or burger spreads, toast, dipping sauce, as an add-in to pulled pork, ground beef, as spicy rims for drinks, or eaten out of the jar. 😊 Recipes on our website.
Is it vegan?
It depends on what your definition is. Yes, other than we use cane sugar which includes bone char. Some vegans consider it acceptable, others do not.
Is it organic?
It is not certified organic, but we use some organic, and always the freshest, ingredients we can find.
Is it gluten-free
It is not certified GF, and it is made in a facility that makes products that contain gluten, but there is no gluten in our ingredients.
Does it need to be refrigerated?
Yes, only after opening.
How long does it last?
The shelf life is 3 years for unopened product, and the “best buy” date is stamped on the jar. Opened in the fridge, it varies. If not cross-contaminated, it does not tend to spoil, although the sugar tends to crystallize if exposed to the air after a few weeks. This is harmless. And what is it doing in your fridge that long, anyway? 😊 Refer to our recipes!

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