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Our visit to a local family farm

One of our favorite things is meeting other small businesses in our community of Temecula.  Last month, Kelly and Alex of Kellex Farms in Murrieta won a giveaway we did with Grazing Theory.   When we found out they had a small backyard family farm, we asked if we could come and take a "peak" when we delivered their Sampler Gift Box. 🙂  They invited me and Mr. G - and our granddaughter, Addie - to meet the animals, plus we were blessed to take home some luscious homegrown figs. They were such gracious hosts to us and so sweet to offer an "animal encounter" for Addie!

First stop:  Hedgehog

Addie was so brave to touch the prickly back of this little hedgehog.  It wasn't as soft and fluffy as she thought, but he was very patient and gentle with her.

Next stop:  Baby Quail

I think this is Kelly's favorite part of the farm.  She loves to "help" the babies out of their shells if needed and she greeted us with one in her hands.  Addie got to touch the soft feathers on its back and hear its sweet little sounds.

Next stop:  Arlo

Next, we met Arlo, the bald-necked silkie chicken, that looked rather like a baby ostrich than a chicken, and Addie didn't know quite what to make of her. She was quite the unique member of the farm family, and very sociable!

Feeding Penny the Pig


We had such a fun visit meeting Kelly, Alex and family!  They even sent us home with fresh, sweet homegrown figs!  Yum!

Follow them on Instagram and give them some love!  Kellex Farms

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