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Mrs. G's and Cream Cheese

This couldn't be easier and it is always the first to disappear at any party as it's nearly everyone's favorite!

An oldy, but goody...this is the "recipe" mentioned by 95% of our customers when asked what their favorite pepper jelly recipe is.  We're on a mission to broaden your horizons in the category of pepper jelly recipes and uses, but this is one that nearly everyone loves! To change it up, you can use whipped cream cheese, mascarpone, ricotta, or any soft cheese (or hard cheese for that matter).

You can quickly pour it over a brick of cream cheese, or get fancy and mix half mascarpone and whipped cream to pipe into filo pastry cups and top with pepper jelly.



  • Any flavor of pepper jelly
  • Any soft cheese - solid cream cheese, whipped cream cheese, mascarpone, cottage cheese, ricotta, etc.

Prep Time: 2 minutes



  1. Pour jelly over brick of cream cheese, serve with crackers.
  2. Spread whipped cream cheese on crackers, top with jellies.
  3. Pipe 1/2 whipped cream and 1/2 mascarpone, whipped together into filo cups and top with jellies for an elegant appetizer.
  4. Smear cream cheese or other soft cheese on a cheeseboard and make little indentations to fill with pepper jelly, add nuts, raisins, cut up veggies and crackers to make a trendy creamcheeseboard with pepper jelly

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